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Why is a custom site so important? I'll tell ya!

- Number 1: It shows your professionalism! 

- It makes it very easy for people to find you!

- It gives you credibility and shows you mean business! ;)

- Brand wise: it establishes who you are!

- It increases your chances of getting leads! LOVE THAT!

- An SEO-optimized website gives  a chance of showing up in Google search results!

- It helps customers find useful information!

- It's easy to post updates and announcements to your customers!

- Your site is basically your first impression!

- A good Portfolio helps build the trust of people into your business.

Ever since I can remember I wanted to do something with my life that was out of the "Norm". The 9-5 life just wasn't for me; You know working for "the man". I wanted something that was all mine! Does this sound like you? Next thang I know I'm coming up with a thousand different business ideas (That aren't panning out btw, lol) Until one day I start having a deeper conversation with myself.. What's going to make me happy? They say the key to happiness is find something you love and then find a way to make money off of it; Boom here I am. I knew something to do with me getting to be creative was it for me. I get to work with business owners who knew they felt the same in some way, shape, or form! When someone sees my work and gets goosebumps and get's excited, it makes me excited! We get to take your vision and make ART. This isn't just me going crazy, this is me getting all the inspo from you and bringing it to life. So don't look at someone else's site I've done and think I like this but I wish I could have this instead.. Because Well.. YOU CAN and YOU WILL! If you've been watching and waiting thinking hmmm, I want this.. Then this is your sign; We need to work together! It's final! ;)

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